Topic: Coming Soon List still not 100% correct.

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KeeperBvK has been long released. shouldn't really be on the coming-soon-list, but rather listed as "released" with one of those cute tiny little Japan flags that games like Space Manbow already have got.

Edit: Another issue: Why is Tenchu DS listed as having received a 2/10 when there's no review?

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So...this time you can't even comment on it, let alone correct it?



No need to be offensive, KeeperBvK. You can use the Contact Form if you want a quicker response.

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We're looking into it now and we'll get it corrected as quickly as possible. And don't use the forum for something like this. You'll get a faster response by contacting us directly. We can't always be watching the forums when there's this much work around here to do. Sorry.

We just peruse these suggestions and feedback every so often, not on a daily or even weekly basis for that matter.

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Both corrected now. As for Tenchu, not sure why it's not there, tbh.

Next time use the Contact form and be a little more polite and we'll be able to act on it quicker.


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