Topic: Can someone other than Spencer review WiiWare Trials & Tribulations?

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Spencer is entitled to his opinion and he gave it to us twice in the previous two Phoenix Wright games for the WiiWare. I would like to hear a second opinion from another reviewer as I feel that the Phoenix Wright games on the WiiWare recieved pretty damning reviews. Trials & Tribulations isn't that much different to the previous two so I would expect Spencer would have the same praises, criticisms and review score for the third game.

So yeah, please let someone else offer their opinion on Phoenix Wright.

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I don't think pandering to fanbases is a good idea, just because a reviewer gives a popular series a lower score than its fans would like, at least we are getting an honest opinion, giving reviews to fans of the game only would be pretty boring, besides they aren't really about scoring review points, but giving a personal view of the game, I don't see why adding a personal perspective is a problem, if the things criticised by the reviewer don't bother you, then why be put off by a review score.

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Bass+X0 wrote:

I would like to hear a second opinion from another reviewer

There are plenty of other websites out there dude.

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In my opinion he clearly has a negative bias towards the franchise. He actually juxtaposed the games to real life court, which to me is completely missing the point of the games entirely.

I fully agree with this thread. No offense to Spencer who writes good reviews, but a fresh set of eyes would appreciated.

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