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Ahh crap it happened while I was posting.

So is there anyway to gets bigger posting space like the one when you edit post for normal replies and quotes?

One of my biggest gripes is that when wanting to reply to a thread or quoting someone else's post instead of opening a new window to reply you have to do it from the small box at the end of the thread. This isn't a problem when on a computer but when I'm on my phone or tablet it can be difficult to reply due to their being no arrow keys on a digital keyboard. When quoting somethings there are many times where I can get to the end of the quote to post fut to not enough space given in that small box and touch controls only allowing me to down in the box so far before it starts to move the page.

So is there anyway for.posts to be in snugger box like the one when your editing posts


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Well, I use my netbook instead for a reason.


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