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Odnetnin wrote:

Nintendo Life mods, make my name appear as 'Nintendo' when people quote me. Now.

Last I heard, they were gonna consider it if you MAKE YOUR SIGNATURE SMALLER. Just condense the lines so you've got more friend codes on each one, rather than having the big ass thing you currently have.

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Corbie wrote:

We can't make it say whatever we want. There's a system to it. I'll let Ant know and see what he can do. I could change your username, but not what the quotes will refer to you as.

Because we all know you didn't just changed Adam's name to weirdadam.

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warioswoods wrote:

@1 Tumer's Gaff

Indeed! That's generally the fun in them, and they usually have hidden allusions for my personal amusement, which would be ruined if anyone knew the references. However... "Odnetnin" not acknowledging a palindrome? What's the world coming to? If you're going to name yourself using an anagram, palindrome, or other wordplay device, you should take the genre seriously!

After all, what's more serious than wordplay?

"1 Tumer's Gaff?" Did I ASK for my name to be used in an anagram? No, I did not.

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Stuffgamer1 wrote:

@pie4prez: What, you mean like THIS?

I noticed that the "Nintendo" account has been around since march. I wonder who was just incorrectly quoted?

I'm also not buying that you guys can't set this stuff up on purpose. Not considering the deal with Adam and Fuzzy.

Dude, that pic is just HILARIOUS! OMG! XD



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