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Hey guys! Again, love this website. Everytime I boot up my computer, start up Google Chrome, and click my Facebook and NintendoLife bookmarks, and they stay up until I shut down my computer at night. I do have just a couple of quick requests that would make useful (or just fun) minor improvements.

1. How about a new section or two? Up at the top where you have the Wii, DSi, WiiWare, DSiWare, Virtual Console, and Retro sections, I've noticed Retro seems to have become the catch-all spot for things you can't put anywhere else, even if it's not necessarily retro. I think it could use some clearing up. I would love for that spot to be saved for reviews of classic consoles and games, as well as news about them (such as all the new handheld versions of classic systems people are concocting). Then, I would like to add in 2 more sections to further simplify the site.
First, I would like an Import section. The main NintendoLife site does a great job of covering games in both NA and PAL regions, and since this site is in English, that is appropriate. However, I know that a number of gamers (NL's Sean Aaron included) have imported systems from Japan, and Sean occasionally writes reviews for Japan only games. I also know that NL is rapidly expanding, and I think this would be one way to help the site stand out even more to certain gamers. The market is small, so the section wouldn't have to be updated any more frequently than it is, but a gamer looking specifically for imported game reviews will likely not land on this site, as the import titles are buried beneath all the others. It would also be nice for the rest of us (like myself who don't have the time or money to invest in a second (and foreign) console to have a section where we could go and for curiosity's sake see what's happening on Pacific shores.
The other section I think would make for a great addition would be a Misc. section. I've noticed NL has done a handful of reviews or other such articles on things such as Nintendo-related books. I'd love to see these compiled into one section, as well as seeing updates periodically. For example, I own and am currently reading "The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy: I Link, Therefore I Am" in my leisure and am enjoying the more thoughtful look at our mute hero and would love to see a NL review of it, so that others would be inspired to pick it up. You could also include articles such as one on this giant Link papercraft and how to build it, or other fun Nintendo-related non-video game diversions.

2. I would love for the site to add a "highest- ranked" (or maybe "staff's-pick") category under the various sections. It would make things easier for those searching the site to find the best games out on Wii to click an button and find all the titles that scored 8 or above (or just starting at 10, and going all the way through every game reviewed) on the system.

Anyway, these are my simple suggestions, and I would love to get feedback on feasibility from the admins, as well as feedback from users on whether or not you also would like such features. Thank you, and keep up the fantastic work on the site, guys!


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Those would certainly be nice!
I was thinking about the misc. thing too, because I noticed a bunch of things that didn't fit in their category.

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Just let it happen.

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I certainly think an import section makes sense in order to make the previews and reviews easier to find and I've passed on that suggestion, though it's not likely to happen in the near future because our technical director has a big to-do list at the moment. In the meantime you should be able to find articles relating to import previews, news and reviews by searching for "Japanese Releases" in the site search engine as we're pretty good about tagging import-related articles that way.

The home tab is more or less the "Misc" section really, so I don't know that we'd add another section for the odd non-game article, but again I've drawn attention to the thread, so we'll see what the powers that be think. With regard to the ratings, well you can already click the Games - Out Now tab in any section and bring up a list of all the games listed on the site and then just click the "Rating" column to sort by score -- isn't that sufficient?

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@Sean: For the "Misc." section, I just think it ought to be separated. "Home" is where EVERYTHING goes when it's new, but it just kinda drifts around in there for a short while before getting hopelessly buried.

And as for the ratings, yes, that is good enough. I didn't know about that feature. "Problem" solved.

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well i also wish you a good luck to have the highest ranking, the article you posted also seems me very interesting.


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