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If 3DS gets demos, I would like a way to sort the game listings by demo release date. For WiiWare demos I'm currently searching by Nintendo Download tag and it takes too long for me.

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will there definetly be demos? for retail and 3ds-ware games?

i think trailers will be there. omg cant wait for may-update.

Steam: ACAB or 6ch6ris6
waiting for a pricedrop on switch


Seeing as there is already one retail demo announced for the eShop (mega man legends 3) it seems likely there will be more.
Regarding WiiWare demos tho I would think the whole process is rather futile since they only last a month or so on the service anyway...



@Chris June update*

@Nobody Mega Man Legends 3 is a full game, not a demo.

@OP I doubt it, keeping track of the games on offer would be best, and I'm sure the eShop will have a way of displaying the demo's.


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