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1. Can I please have a "New Posts" button that tells me all new posts since my last visit? (You guys store a cookie or something right?)
2. Also a "View My Posts" button. I wanna see if there are any new responses to me posts since I don't have time to travel from section to section looking for my posts. I see that if I go to my account, I can edit the posts but not actually see where they are 0_o. Maybe I'm missing something though.


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How busy is your life that you do not have time to click each subforum.

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^^ That.

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What you need to do is when you have finished viewing a sub forum, click the 'Mark all as read' tab in the top right corner, then when you come back you will see all the threads with new posts will have (new) next to them.

As for new replys to your own topics you could turn on the email notification for these threads.

Hope that helps.

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1: that's what the Unread Topics area is for, conveniently linked from the main Forums area. :3
2: if you really want to keep track of a thread, try the 'Watch Topic' link at the top of each one. Whenever anyone replies in it, if you've got e-mail notifications on in your profile, you'll get an e-mail in your inbox. Otherwise, just remember where you posted and check back later if that thread pops up under Unread later. :3

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Hey man, pretty standard forum features these days. They make viewing forums fast and easy, especially if you like to be members of several.

SELECT * FROM posts WHERE username = 'DAaaMan64' DESC

For the other one you just have to grab the cookie date / time and:

SELECT * FROM posts WHERE datatime > @cookiedatetime DESC

booom. The thing is with forum software, you already have something that can display rows of threads, so you really just need to add a new link with a new SQL query.

But hey if you wanna tell me I should just make time for your forums thats fine. I'm just one user.

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Hey, DAaaMan64 - thanks for those suggestions. Until we can consider implementing them, the workarounds that Stevie and theblackdragon have suggested might make the wait a little more bearable


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Thank you.

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