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Just been announced that the Oracle games are coming this summer to NA. I am so excited since these are the only Zelda games I have never played and I hear that they are some of the best in the series. Going to be picking these up day one.

Discuss how great these games are here.

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blabla NA
always NA

how about europe? thanks.



Oh my gosh! Awesome news!

Yeah I don’t know either.

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I have Oracle of Ages and it's one of the most difficult, yet satisfying, Zelda games ever.......the puzzles in this game give the 3D Zelda's a good run for their money.

I heard Seasons is more Action oriented - this game is definitely more trying to figure out puzzles and stuff of that nature. Lots of fun, took me a loooooooooong time to beat because............**Spoilers**.........Goron Dance .................... **End Spoilers**.

Can't WAIT for these games to get released. Insta-Purchase for me!!!!

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I have never played these Zelda games before, so I'm looking forward to playing them!



This is one of the main definitive reasons why i'm looking forward to it.

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It's been over a year since I last played a Zelda game, so I can't wait to DL these (especially since I haven't played either of them before).


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Yay! I'm so excited! I too never owned these games, though I did borrow them from a friend once and played A BIT, but not much. So I am very excited. I've played every other Zelda game, and to celebrate these coming out, I'm doing a marathon!

I plan to play all of the Zelda games, following Nintendo's Official timeline (which makes ZERO sense by the way, though I'm hoping by playing them in that order I might see some themes or connections I hadn't noticed before - I'll be sure to let everyone know once I'm done!). Currently I have only just started - I'm about half way through Skyward Sword and have done the first two dungeons of Minish Cap.

I sort of hope these come out soon, yet at the same time I hope they don't come out TOO soon, so I have time to finish Skyward Sword, Minish Cap, and Ocarina Master Quest first haha.

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Seems like slot of people never played these. I hope they aren't bad and that's why people haven't played them.

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They are two of the best Zelda games, in my opinion. But then I've always preferred the classic 2D games more than the 3D ones.

I really wish Nintendo would make a new classic style Zelda.

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I've never played them, I'll probably buy both of them.

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So glad they finally announced them. I have both GBC carts, and i've been wanting to play the games again recently, but was waiting in hopes of a VC release.
Great games, both of them. Huzzah!

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This topic belongs in the 3DS Virtual Console section, not in the eshop.

But I cannot wait for these to come out. I played both shortly after their original release. First Ages, transferred to Seasons, then played through Oracle again with the transfer. Genius system.



If you liked Link's Awakening on the 3DS eShop, it's my feeling that you'll like these games more. I do. The Seasons/Ages games are done by a collaboration with CAPCOM and the graphics are in the same style as Link's Awakening.

These games are very well done and not to be missed. I'm seriously contemplating Oracle of Ages being my favorite 2D zelda game.....possibly even more epic than A Link to the Past.

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willobee wrote:

This topic belongs in the 3DS Virtual Console section, not in the eshop.

Yea but in my excitement I accidental posted it in this section and as far as I know there is no way to move a thread unless I delete it and start over but since we already have a bunch of responses I guess here it will stay.

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Well seeing as Minish Cap is the best Zelda game ever and it was made by Capcom, these ones are bound to be pretty awesome.

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How do both OOS & OOA compare to Link's Awakening?
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What about the Advance shop in this game?

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