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KittenKoder wrote:

I feel sorry for the Nintendo gamers who are fans of the game, but it's not a deal breaker. Also, it does sound like a secret buy out from Sony, simply because I know they do that a lot. Nintendo did the right thing to attract more games, simply offer more freedom to the devs, Sony refuses to improve their policies and must instead resort to underhanded tactics. Honestly, if I was a fan of this game, I'd stop being a fan just because of this, a multiplatform release would have been a good decision, but dropping the 3DS version for the Vita version is like choosing to run with the loser of a race.

The Japanese hardcore use Vita afaik. (Used to use PSP) those are the people who still play 2D Fighters. Its on PC as well (They should put it on Tatio Type X3 in an Arcade). Mainstream uses 3DS.

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Sorry for bringing back this old thread but with a craving for a new fighting game on the 3DS, I look back to see this's too bad that they couldn't make a 3DS version and a vita, now they are putting it on consoles, Nintendo left in the dust.
Also liked the old name more.

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