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Topic: Xevious 3D Download Code Help

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There's an award on the American Club Nintendo, for 100 coins, you can get the download code. I already got it (despite I live in Europe and that I already have it, it's just for a friend), but the award details said it's only availalbe until the 10th of January. Now my question is; Will my friend in the US be able to use the code after the auction is closed or would you think they also mean the code will expire after the 10 of January?

Thanks for helping.

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no it wont expire just get it before Jan 10th.

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Well the website says the games will be switched out for other on January 10, not the code will be useless then so I'd assume you'd still be able to use. I wouldn't take the chance I I were you though. Maybe a quick call to Nintendo could give a straight answer?

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Yes you'll be able to use the code afterwards.