Topic: Worst 3DS eshop game purchase.

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I never got the complaints about Liberation Maiden's length.

True, it's short, but it's clearly a score attack type of game, which are always pretty short/repetitive anyways. With it's three difficulty settings, high score system, and unlockable achievements, it's short length seems to be part of a deliberate design to encourage replays.

Also, it has like one of the best (if not THE best) bosses of any eShop title.

Back on topic, I'll say Picross e. It's not really a bad game, it's just that I prefer the puzzles where they penalize you for making a mistake, which only make up half of what's on offer.

I'd have preferred it if they let you choose your preferred rules on all the puzzles, Instead of forcing certain rules on you for certain puzzles.


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Mutant Mudds. The platforming feels rigid and annoying, the 3D is nauseating, the lack of checkpoints is moronic, the game feels generic and without personality, I could go on. The soundtrack is good, but still I hate it.



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