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There is a game like this on the App(le)Store called European Wars.

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I tried out the demo. The interface is extremely awkward; the instruction manual is completely redundant next to the more detailed version found in the game itself, but even that one does a lousy job of explaining the mechanics and leaves out some details completely; there are no individual status screens, only unreferenced, tiny icons to designate troop types and upgrades; and the presentation is very dull.

However, once you figure out how everything works through trial and error, it's a pretty good game with some excellent twists on the Risk formula.

Here's some gameplay tips if you'd rather not figure them out yourself:

The X button will end your turn early without moving all your troops. It brings up a message with horribly mangled grammar. It's just basically asking "Are you sure you want to end your turn early?"

Unlike "Risk," territory can be held without any stationed troops. Therefore, you must both wipe out the enemy troops and occupy it with your own troops before it changes ownership and allows you to collect taxes from it (along with denying opponent their taxes from it). Only the tanks can occupy a territory on the same turn it conquers it, which is what the game really means when it (very poorly) tries to describe the tanks' special feature.

You can combine forces of the same troop type (and only the same type) across adjacent territories, but it uses up the turn for both sets of troops. I believe the combined troops will have the combined set of upgrades between them, but I'm not completely sure about that.

Likewise, you can split the troops up by selecting less that the max number when moving them. The upgrades only stay with one of the groups, though (the one that moves, if I remember correctly). Be very careful on the troop movement screen, as there are multiple actions (including other places on the touchscreen) that act as an "accept button," which may split up your troops when you don't want it with no way to reverse it until your next turn. Splitting your troops will also use up your turn for both groups.

The battleship is NOT a sepearate troop type. It is simply an upgrade for the other troop types that gives them the ability to traverse across both land and water as much as you like. Likewise, the General and Marshal are also upgrades for sets of troops (attack and defense bonus, respectively). Despite the name and menu placement, the Fortress is the fourth upgrade that moves with your troops, not staying with the territory where it's built. As the game says, be careful when and where you build them, as the upgraded troops will be unable to attack or move for 3 turns.

Your money accumulates from turn to turn, so you don't need to spend as much as you can each turn. For example, if you'll have a nuke available on your next turn, it's usually a good idea to save some cash to be able to use it right away.

You can buy new troops only on land territories you possess with a construction level of five. The current construcion level is listed in roman numerals but may be partially obscured by the troop icon currently occupying the territory. You can do this multiple times with the same troop type during the same turn. If it is already currently occupied, only new troops of the occupied type may be bought. They will be able to move during the same turn as long as you didn't just move other troops into that territory. As far as I can tell, there is no other use for Construction, so don't bother until you have enough money to raise the level all the way to five and buy some new troops (plus a battleship if planning to move them into water) all on the same turn. I don't know what happens to the construction level if the territory is captured by enemy forces or later recaptured by your own forces.

Airstikes are very expensive for what little they do. They are only useful for two things: One, an enemy territory is down to fewer than four troops while you only have one adjancent territory of soldiers or artillery available to move in if the airstrike is able to finish them off (tanks would do both actions, anyway). Two, you have enough money left to use airstrikes to take down the remaining forces in the opposing capital with at least one adjacent set of troops available to march in and win the game.

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Played the demo for like five minutes then deleted it. Even if it gets better later or if I learned how to play properly, I don't care enough to put in the time to get that far.

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