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@Morpheel: Well, not a game over, but my little guy died twice... I mean, how are you supposed to fight if fighting makes you take damage too? That really irks me. And why do I just run around bumping chests around that never open no matter how much I bump them? Not a good way to start off a game... well, at least I now know for sure I don't like the game! So I can finally put Witch & Hero to rest...

Dying is part of the gameplay. You're supposed to die. It WILL DEFINITELY HAPPEN. A LOT. But that doesn't mean you lose. Just wiggle the analogue stick around when you die to recover quickly. Taking damage is how the monsters attack you. Its the strategy part of the game. Attacking from above or behind the monster will make you take less damage. The more you play the game, the more health you will get and more damage you will cause. A true game over here is when the monsters defeat the witch. Not when your little man dies.

Chests will also open if you keep bumping into them. I think they have a damage meter too. When you first start the game, you're very weak and pathetic. But as you grow stronger, the chests will open much quicker.

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I loved this game when it came out, got it day 1 despite the negative review on NL. I did get frustrated at the last boss but the L & R thing has solved it really.
I've just input the secret code from the end of the credits to unlock the alternate mode. What's the difference? It seems just the same.

FYI: At the main menu push Up x3, Down x5, Right x2, Left x1, X, Y

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