Topic: Will I Like VVVVVV?

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No demo exists for it (as far as I know), so it's hard for me to gauge. I am playing through Mutant Mudds and enjoying it immensely, so someone suggested I'd love VVVVVV. Anyone care to say if this assumption is correct or not?

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Yup. It's an old-school Commadore 64-style platformer with a fully adjustable difficulty (through unlocking easy modes)

I liked it

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I bought the game without playing any demo or seeing any videos,but i absolutely love it!

One of the best if not the best e'shop game out there,so definitely buy it,it also has tons of replay value with user made levels and flip mode.

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indeed it is, Birdman13. Please feel free to ask for recommendations in the thread Birdman13 linked, pariah164. Thank you!

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