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i am a huge fane of the wii, superslam hunting games (i hate cabala,s i dont want to walk around just shoot stuff) how pleased i am that i can play on my new 3ds i just got for xmas, you say they are different enough, from thier wii versions, cool, i always thought a wii superslam game featuring dinosaurs would be cool..btw,, i am a 50 yr old gramma, so your games appeal to many ages...any future shooting games for the wii, wii u, or 3ds?

evguy wrote:

Hi all. I will make sure anybody from our company clearly identifies themselves. And, while "evguy" should be pretty obvious, I might forget to log in correctly and accidentally post as "Ragnarok7" from time to time.

FYI: as some have noted above, Ultimate Deer Hunt and the Africa game are ports/conversions of the Remington "Africa" and "Alaska" games on the Wii. eV Interactive designed and developed both of the Wii versions. The guys at Teyon did the 3DS conversion of the Africa game (and did a nice job!) We did the conversion of the Alaska game ourselves (and renamed it Ultimate Deer Hunt.) Both were originally intended as retail releases, but we got the rights back from our publishers and decided to go eShop instead - at quite a price cut!

We really hope the eShop gets stronger and stronger as it is a great democratizer for us small indie studios. Have fun with the game!



Which one should I buy first: africa or deer hunt?

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