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I know I am, I recently beat the game and the final boss. It took me a few tries but I finally beat the Ultimogrock. So I am still kind of hyped for the sequel. Probably the best thing about Dillon is that the 3D is extremely deep. So what are your thoughts, not excited, not sure, or a simple pass on the game period.

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Still got the first game to finish. But it looks promising.



I am excited but I still need to get and play the 1st lol. It has been on my wish list for awhile but that 10 dollar price tag keeps scaring me away

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Not me, the first game is too hard, couldn't beat the second level so therefore I wasted money.

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Yeah I agree with @Undead_Terror I ended up making it to the third level & literally could not go any further in the game. Tried for several month's to get off the third level & finally gave up on it. It'll be a pass from me too unforunately on the sequel. Loved the graphic's & gameplay just ashame the game was designed on such a hard level of gameplay.

Also the $10 dollar price tag doesn't bother me if it's a good game & worth getting. Dillon's Rolling Western is good but more so for Hardcore gamer's. Sorry...

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Sent a tip in through the contact listing on the main site, but for those of you who don't know, The Last Ranger is going for $10.99 ($1 more than the original) which could be a deal-breaker for some.

I haven't played the original yet. It's on my to-do list, though.



Doesn't seem like they're 'fixing' the stuff I didn't like in the first game. I also dislike that they added a train you have to protect, like it wasn't hectic enough already. I don't think I'm buying it.

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The first one interested me but the reviews made it seem like it wasn't the game for me. Also the high price tag put me off and this will probably come with a higher one than the original. And that's also the reason I didn't get Fallblox.

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