Topic: What If: New Super Mario Bros. 2 was an eShop exclusive and not a retail game?

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^It would still take nearly an hour to download though.


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Complete disaster for Nintendo. Less copies sold due to lack of in-store advertising, confusion that would develop telling average joe consumers NSMB2 is digital-only, parents/young kids unable or unwilling to connect 3DSs to Internet to DL it OR not being able to get eShop funds to DL it, and people who prefer retail refusing to buy it because of their problems with large retail downloads. Additionally, stores would attack Nintendo for trying to cut into their sales (see: Target refusing to stock Frank Ocean's Channel Orange, but ignore everything about Ocean's sexual orientation playing a role in it), which would cause consumers to lose faith in Nintendo. After the amount of trouble Nintendo's been taking over the past year or so for OpRa, the 3DS price cut and CPP announcement, and the trouble it's been having selling the Wii U to consumers, the fallout from a digital-only NSMB2 could be the death blow to the 3DS's sales and wreck havoc on Nintendo as a whole.

@Bass_X0 - But that isn't a guarantee. I could easily see Reggie come out with a statement in a press release or Nintendo Direct where he says something like "Even though the eShop allows us to offer content like NSMB2 at a lower price than we could at brick-and-mortar stores, we here at Nintendo feel that the great content in NSMB2 is still an incredible value at the price of $40, and you will not be disappointed by your purchase."

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SRArter wrote:

^It would still take nearly an hour to download though.

Except IGN downloaded it in 13 minutes, so it depends on your internet connection.

Probably way faster than going all the way to a shop for a lot of people, anyway.



It's just not the same without the box and cartridge...


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i wouldnt care im not buying it



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