Topic: What If: New Super Mario Bros. 2 was an eShop exclusive and not a retail game?

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But it still cost the same as a retail game.

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and my underworld would be destroyed!!!!

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Then it would sell significantly less than Nintendo would want and they would put it up for retail soon thereafter.

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Silly guys, it's obvious that Iwata and the other executives were at a bachelor party.

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I wouldn't mind. I like digital over physical media anyway.


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Sales would completely freaking fail in terms of expectations, and it would be released on retail before the end of the week.

If by god the sales decided to magically pick up on the eShop, then I guess it'd be confirmed that the eShop actually is a viable platform to make profit.

Would I buy it? Probably not. I'm not too interested in this game either way with the alarming lack of innovation, but until Nintendo finally uses Club Nintendo to it's potential and uses it as an account system I see no reason to get it.

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It would still suck.



Then pushmo, Sakurai samurai, and other eShop only games would be retail only and cost $40

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Yeah, at the same price, it wouldn't sell. It's probably apparent that I don't have a high opinion of this game, but if it were priced at $10 I'd have to consider getting it.



I wouldn't be getting it cause it will take up too much room on my SD card and I need that space for my VC games.

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I would make my own box for the game and go over to Nintendo and slap every employee with it and demand they put a game inside that box before I slap whoever came up with this thread because they put the idea in my head. Also I would slap whoever keeps coming up with more NSMB games because now they're milking and ruining the series.

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nintendo would loose customers and money

simply as that

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As incentive to get on the eshop it would probably work pretty well, but as a main Mario game it would sell horrible. Not bad, but no where near the numbers Nintendo probably wants.

That said a Mario game made specifically for the e-shop would be good incentive to get people on it, but selling a game at full price on digital with Nintendo's restrictive service will probably turn off a lot of people.



6ch6ris6 wrote:

nintendo would loose customers and money

simply as that

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Actually, it could probably be cheaper than retail since Nintendo wouldn't have to compete with retailers.

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