Topic: What games do you want to see on 3DSWare?

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A Brand new Space Harrier game with dazzling 3D graphics.

Also Mega Man 2: 3D Classics and Mega Man 7: 3D Classics would be pretty ace.



A new "Mario vs DK" game with StreetPass / SpotPass functionality (level swapping and automatic downloads)

How about Donkey Kong 2, thats closer to the Game Boy Donkey Kong than the modern Mario vs. Donkey Kong games?

There hasn't been a game called Donkey Kong 2 before (except for Game 'n' Watch) so I think it should be named that.

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I really want a new AR game right now, something like Face Raiders.



nickcarney wrote:

I really want a new AR game right now, something like Face Raiders.

they do have system flaw on the dsiware which is the same thing

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Blonde moment here, but what sort of games does 3DSWare try to promote? Obviously there's the 3D Classics but at the same time 3DSWare is separate from the Virtual Console stuff. Is it basically like an App Store where independent developers submit their games for purchase?



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