Topic: What games do you want to see on 3DSWare?

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I couldn't see another forum for this so I made one myself, what games would you like to see make it to 3DSWare, or what developers would you like to see working on 3DSWare?

Personally I would quite like to see World of Goo make an appearance, it is by far the best game I have ever downloaded and I'd love to play it all over again on the go!

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3DSWare doesn't exist.

What I want to see in the 3DS Download section is a new Shante game. That game was made for Three Dee.

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WoG would be awesome in DDD. I would also want portql 2.



Angry Birds is everywhere, except for 3DS. It would be nice to see those aggrivated fowl perch their way into the realm of 3D gaming.

And before anyone asks, I realize that there has been news of an Angry Birds 3DS in the past. I still want to see it, as well as more news about it.

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I know it's not really 3DSWare, but it seems it's the name most people have taken to.... for now.

It seems as though angry birds will finally make its way onto 3DS, I keep hearing about it everywhere, so I expect to see it 'fairly' soon, unless we've all gotten it very wrong

"People were throwing shoes at us in SF and LA. I don't know why. It's like 'You guys are great. Here's my shoe.' People must have been walking around with one shoe." James Hetfield


Plants Vs. ZombEAs lol

Monster Hunter for the win!!!!! Check out my music album at


SBCG4AP: The Mini series.............. I'm still dreaming here
oh and just any 3DSware game would be nice right now.... since we have none..... since developers just view the 3DS as another DS, they probably will never shell out the time or money to make it 3DSware when they can save and make DSIware still.............. just sayin.

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A Photo Dojo sequel


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@rob1nfly Portal 2 would be amazing in 3D, but given how big a title it is, retail would be better, and given Valve's nonexistent history with the Big N, it looks very unlikely though never say never


Geometry Wars 3D. Epic in 3D!

MarioKart7 Is on it's way =D Should be here any day now.
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only an update to Pokedex 3D ATM have other regions please, but until then we do have Picross E on the way and a NEW METEOS for 3DSWare

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To be honest, ANY 3DSWare would be nice.



I'd like to see more games that take advantage of the play coins that I earn from walking around with the 3DS in my pocket. An RPG would be pretty cool where you can use the coins to purchase health potions, or a new helmet, spells, etc. The whole Find Mii seems like it could be a decent springboard for something like that.

Heck, I'd take a run around the neighborhood just to stock up on health potions before a big boss fight. just remove the cap of 10 per day please



I'd like to see:

Pretty Much all the new amazing 3DS Downloads in Japan right now, :X.

Oh and Angry Birds.

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Flipnote Memo like I was promised.
Also, I would kill for Borderlands as a retail.

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Dragoon wrote:

Flipnote 3D.

Now that would be epic.

Uhm, they're making a new Flipnote for the 3DS. (Flipnote Memo). Not sure if it's gonna be in 3D, though.

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Flipnote Memo.
Photo Dojo 2
WarioWare 3D
Angry Birds
Mario vs. Donkey Kong 3D

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