Topic: Which games do you want to see as 3D Classics?

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Donkey Kong Land 1 and 2!

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First of all the classic games that were actually made for 3D:

All the Virtual Boy Games (an updated color mode would be nice)
and all 8 SegaScope 3D games for the Sega Master Systems minus the gun games unless they could make that work:

Blade Eagle 3D
Line of Fire
Maze Hunter 3D
Missile Defense 3D (requires the Light Phaser gun)
Out Run 3D
Poseidon Wars 3D
Space Harrier 3D
Zaxxon 3D

I used to have the Sega Scope back in 1986! It was incredible. I used to have Maze Hunter 3D, Space Harrier 3D and Missile Defense 3D. Those games were amazing. When I first played my 3DS it took me back to those games that were rocking the stereoscopic 3D 25 years ago! The effect was really well done. Too many people missed out on these classics and with the 3DS it's time to bring them back. I would also not mind if all these games came on a compilation cartridge. I would buy them in a heartbeat.

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Link to the Past, of course!


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A Link to the Past would be my #1 most wanted. I really hope it happens. Love that game.

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I guess I'm being old school but after seeing the PC test demo someone did some years ago for it, the layout is exactly what would be done seeing what exists now if they adapted it to Super Mario Bros. (also I've seen a website flash based Metroid NES too that was exceptional.)

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their already making a 3d sonic generations; mario 3 and contra would be awesome



their already making a 3d sonic generations; mario 3 and contra would be awesome



Punch-out and Ice hockey

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A Link to the Past and maybe Super Mario Bros.?

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I'd like to see Arkanoid, Castlevania, and Mega Man jump to the 3D Classics. If I had to guess Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. will not be far behind. I'd like to see Square release Rad Racer and 3D World Runner.

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Mega Man and then Nintendo can say: "That 3D classics thing was worth it for the fans."

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Final Fight 3

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BulbasaurusRex wrote:

Final Fight 3

Yes yes this would be awesome in 3D! Also even though this will never happen I would love to see my favorite classic shootemup racer Rock n Roll racing. Wont happen but i can dream.



Kainard wrote:

I would love to see my favorite classic shootemup racer Rock n Roll racing. Wont happen but i can dream.

Its amazing that the company behind Rock N Roll Racing ended up becoming Blizzard. I dont see why this couldnt be remade after all it was remade for the GBA.

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Some games that I'd find to be a great addition to the 3D classics:
Ice climber - After seeing how Urban champion was handled in 3D, I was impressed on how the dramatic camera shifts made the game more immersive(even if the game itself was a dud) to the point that I really enjoyed it. I want to see that same treatment for Ice climber, but instead of the camera shifting left to right, it would shift vertically as you progress climbing the stages.
Link to the Past - How would it feel like if you're looking down on a diorama box with moving characters in it? Thats how I would see LttP happening if it were to be made a 3D classic. It would add a level of depth and would immerse the player as if he were to be controlling a little world of his own.
Yoshi's Island - It may not seem like the game that would benefit the most from 3D, but think about those gorgeous backgrounds when rendered in 3D, that would be total eye candy! And those SFX chip effects, they would make great subtle effects for popping out of the screen like those rotating platforms in the castle stages. It would be a system seller!
3D Worldrunner - Yes I haven't played it, but I've been following it for years now. This game would be a perfect fit for the 3D classics line. With 3D, you can now better judge the distance of objects and enemies that you will be running into. Now, if only Square gave their rights of this game to the big N I could see it happening, same goes for Rad racer.
Super Metriod - Because I want it that badly

I doubt these games will ever be chosen anyway, but thank goodness for wishful thinking!

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SUUUUUPEEER MEEEEETROID! Even though that's a SNES game and not an NES game.

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