Topic: What Do You Want to see on the eShop?

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Picdun 2 would be wonderful.

It's coming to the Japanese eShop soon, retains the art style of the original Picdun, and appears to retain the gameplay as well.

Of course, this negates the assumption that Dot Runner: Complete Edition (which has already been released in both Japan & the States) is a Picdun sequel.


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I want to see more 3D Classics of games I actually care about. Super Mario Bros. 3/World, Zelda A link to the Past etc etc.

Looking forward to: No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

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The Legend of Zelda Oracles games! Man those ones were the best! They totally deserve a place on the shop, and after the popularity from Links Awakening imagine the mainstream these will get in the virtual console tab xD
Also Zenonia 2, first one was okay...and I hear the 3rd and 4th dont live up to number 2, so that would be an awesome buy option

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I want to see some more 3d classics! Nintendo, get your act together!

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Bobhobob wrote:

An anime app like Crunchyroll, or something new.
Also, a RPG Maker VX Ace ported to the eshop for a lower price of 20 bucks, with 3D effects, streetpass, an online gallery and the ability to download games to your home screen.
Maybe Jetpack Joyride, I would pay 2 bucks for it in 3D.

I totally agree! Petit Computer is amazing, but for people that just wanna get making the RPG of their dreams in less then a year, it dosnt really work out what with all the programing and such lol. An RPG maker port would be awesome! Even if they put in an RPG Maker with simplistic planning like RPG Maker XP I would still buy it for the price of 20 bucks xD

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Oh I wish. RPG Maker should be huge, as far as I'm concerned. But, I can assure you that basically no one has made a good RPG Maker game in a year. At least one that isn't really short. I know one that has multiple people working on it (well kinda) that's been in fangame development since 2004. I am not kidding at all.

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19Robb92 wrote:

I want to see more 3D Classics of games I actually care about. Super Mario Bros. 3/World, Zelda A link to the Past etc etc.

I certainly agree! 3D Classics have definitely been a letdown...

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