Topic: What Do You Want to see on the eShop?

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World of Goo 3D
Space Invaders Get Even 3D (Could be retail)
A sequel to X-Scape
Something by Telltale Games (Sam & Max, Strong Bad)

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an AR Starfox Game,

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X GB, For the Frog the Bell Tolls, 3D Classics Nazo no Mursamejou, Stafy1-3, Mother 1+2, Mother 3, Pokemon Green, Fire Emblem GBA (Roy), Picross 2, Card Hero, Too Much Tingle Pak, 3D Classic Devil Word, 3D Classics Shin oniga Shima, Dragon Quest 1+2, Dragon Quest 3, and Drill Dozer

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I don't care if it's 3DSWare or VC, if eShop is well stocked with RPGs, Fighters, Action, and Platformers (retro at that), I'll be happy.


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LordOtaku wrote:

Mother 1+2, Mother 3

That would be amazing, but I won't be holding my breath. More realistically I'd like to see Mutant Mudds on the eshop.




Also, a nice top-down shooter with Circle Pad Pro support wouldn't hurt.

Metroid, Xenoblade, EarthBound shill

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A new Dig Dug game for Dig Dug's 30th Anniversary


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As far as ports go, I'd love to see Aquaria or Wizorb on the eShop.

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Flipnote memo.

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rayword45 wrote:

World of Goo 3D

Mind blown. But any more games in the amazing quality of Pushmo will be great. I would like demos for Samurai and Dillon Western.



flipnote studio 3d (flipnote memo is the japanese name for the original...)


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I want the Super Gameboy options in all gameboy games. (frames, screen, etc).

Me gusta jugar videojuegos. Soy de México. Sorry my english grammar. I love the Virtual Console, party and fighting games too.

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DarkEdi wrote:

I want the Super Gameboy options in all gameboy games. (frames, screen, etc).

I agree.

Also, I'd love to see Nintendo go all New Super Mario Bros. on some of their other franchises. Like Metroid, Kid Icarus, Zelda 2, Yoshi's Island, Wario Land, Ice Climbers, Startropics, etc.


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All the lame iPhone games like Infinity Blade



A calendar with sexy models on it.

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  • Arc Style: Sankoku Shi Pinball (currently only on Japanese eShop): Awesome looking Feudal Japanese themed pinball game.
  • Arc Style: Jazzy Billiards 3D (currently on Japanese eShop): this billiards game looks quite interesting.
  • Skullgirls: Well recieved XBLA/PSN fighter.
  • Galaga (classic arcade game): Would prefer a 3D Classics release, but would gladly accept some sort of VC release.
  • Mighty Smash Sisters (original idea): A beautiful sprite based fighter (by WayForward) whose gameplay would honor the classic fighters of the 16 bit era. Roster would include WayForward characters such as Shantae, Risky, Patricia Wagon, Alta, Luna, and some original characters for the game. The "Smash Bros" esque title would reference a few things (dispite it not playing like Smash), like the well known WayForward character heavy roster, an homage to their support of Nintendo platforms, and the female heavy roster (it is WayForward after all). Remember, this game doesn't even exist, it's just what I'd want on eShop.
  • Oh, and what mamp said

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Plants vs Zombies 3D. Similar to the DS/DSi versions, the graphics, audio and framerate would be improved. Maybe add an extra mode that's exclusive to the 3D feature/is enhanced in 3D.

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