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so we all know that VVVVVV was created as an indie game on the PC right? so i did some research, and i found something interesting; APPARENTLY, the guy who made VVVVVV was broke, and he had no more money. so he made this game, and he made enough money to pay off an important debt! sounds cool right? i'm sure it's fake though. what do you think? any ideas?

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In other new, pedos are using Animal Crossing to get in your pants.

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But FCs were supposed to protect us
What will I do now!!!? I don't wanna trade favors with old pervs!!!

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@LordJumpMad That was hilarious. Next time they should probably do a little bit of research before reporting news.

...I never knew Tortimer was a paedophile. D:

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These videos are hilarious. "This man (points at NPC Tortimer) could be the man the police are looking for."

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The difference being that the Portal 2 video actually had a fair point, despite how funny you might find it.
The Animal Crossing one is hilarious though. Those kids better watch out for that NPC. >:0

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Good to know! Please feel free to share this information in the VVVVVV 3DSware thread if you like. Thank you! :3

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