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As possibly the last person on Earth to play this game, I'd like to say it is a fantastic title. One of my favorites in a while. I had already seen a playthrough of the main game and it was still fantastic despite that, just incredibly fun and challenging in a really not frustrating way (except for trying to 100% it, which was a bit much, but still really satisfying).

Already knew the music was great and it really is. That one level theme I've listened to for a half hour in my spare time, it is crazy good. And the game has an insane amount of bonus content. In terms of bonus content it is almost close to Rayman Legends levels. Highly recommend for anyone who games.

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I recently played through it again. Well a few times xD
Also did a few more player levels. It's such a great game, one of my all time favourites with an amazing soundtrack!



Yeah, it was a great game. I beat the main game (including finding all "Shiny Trinkets") & all the bonus "Player Levels" long ago, but it was a fantastic experience, and I occasionally go back to my favorite "Player Levels" & the Super Gravitron (my best time on that is a little over 30 seconds).

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VVVVVV is rather incredible. I wish they'd fix some of the bugs (had to restart a 100% file because some of the unlockables locked themselves up with no way to get them back), but plan to get the Steam version for more user levels. The well made ones can be brutal, but incredibly fun.

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