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Hi all,

I am thinking of buying a 3DS from the US and buying all my games off the e-shop, which is much cheaper than buying locally. I understand there aren't many retail titles currently available to purchase, but the ones that are available are the ones I want most.

Before I rush to buy the system I want to ask if being outside of the US will prevent me from accessing the e-shop. I also want to know if I can use a Nintendo points card rather than a credit card for retail downloads.



I know from using my Canadian 3DS in Oz, you can still access the North American eshop and download the games no problem.

No clue if the points card would work, however.



Pretty sure you'll need to use either American point cards or a Credit/Debit card to make a purchase because as far as I'm aware (not 100% though) the point cards are region locked.


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Ben is right.

If you don't have an American credit card then it would be a struggle.


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About the only thing that will not work if you use a NA 3DS in Australia (since I've done this first-hand) is Nintendo Video. Other than that (and maybe games with regionally-locked multiplayer like Mario Tennis Open), everything should work just fine.

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Yes, points cards are region locked. You would need to buy a US points card. OR use a credit card. Everything will be in US dollars too (though it's cheaper than ours.)


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