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okay i just got the game and played for an hour or so. where the hell are the leaderboards??? i changed settings to global and i dont really see them. i thought there would be a special menupoint for leaderboards.

i also thought there would be special missions. like a level where you just have one jump and try to get the highest jump possible. it seems everything is in the normal levels.

kinda disappointing to be honest. still the game is fun but i think i will loose interested in it without real leaderboards after i played through it once.

i also dont understand the different machines you can unlock. is there a way to customize the machines A B and C? or can you just customize the standart bike. all the menus are pretty confusing for me :/

EDIT: okay so i figuered how to do timeattacks on each track. but still i cant see real leaderboards. you can just set it to see what is the highest worldwide score :/

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