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Cave Story is now being released as a 3DS Download title- sporting widescreen support, challenge modes and stereoscopic 3D effects. Seems like the DSiWare Cave Story may be removed once this game shows up on eShop, Cave Story will remain on DSiShop for those still with DSi. As for release, the article says "by the time you read this". This also goes for Johnny Kung Fu and the Mighty Switch Force update.

Source: Nintendo Power



Sounds awesome.


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Got it on wiiware and as fun as it is I'm not about to buy multiple versions of it even if they do contain a few enhancements roll on cave story 2.



Another port? Way to milk an average game.

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Whoah, glad I held off buying that 3D remake... Hopefully it is the same as the one on Steam. Glad to triple dip on this game just for the 3D alone.

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I'll keep the dsiware version thank you

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Nintendo Power is having all of the best exclusives lately. This, Pikmin 2 NPC for NA, and new RCR crossover characters to name a few.

Chrono_Cross wrote:

an average game.

Oh no you didn't.

Also, I probably won't get this, considering I have it on WiiWare, DSiWare, Steam...heck it's still available as a free PC game. If it turns out to be awesome, though, I'll be happy since I held of on Cave Story 3D.

But yeah Nicalis. Make something else. D:

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I already own the freeware, WiiWare and DSiWare versions...
I think I might still get this though.


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So I basically wasted $40 on Cave Story 3D? Eff, I feel so stupid.

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Awesome. I'll definitely get this version then. Thought about picking up the retail version but I feel as if this would be a much better choice, it's nice having it as a easy pick up n' play download.

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Yeah, this is starting to get irritating

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Can't wait to see this exact same game on wii u.

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Well, I never got the DSiWare version, and I will probably get this when it comes out - assuming it doesnt cost an outrageous amount of course.
Also - if you dont want developers to keep porting the same game over and over, just dont buy it. It's simple enough guys...

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I'd buy it if it came to PAL regions. We already didn't get the DSiWare version, and I didn't feel like blowing 40 euros or something on a game I can play for free on the PC. I've just been holding out for an affordable portable version of Cave Story.

This surely won't be Cave Story 3D though, just the normal Cave Story (sprite-based) with 3D effects? Otherwise the retail version would be rendered utterly obsolete... especially if the eShop version is considerably cheaper.



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