Topic: Unlimited Uses: a Future for Nintendo Demos?

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played the monster hunter like 8 times already.
dead or alive demo like 12 times.

i just dont understand why developers care if we play demos more than 30 times or whatever. they get extra work by making a restriction. why?

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^ I think the real issue that is coming up in these comments though, is how limited the demos are. If they are goign to put a cap on the number of times you can open a demo, there should be more content for you to play. Especially in an RPG like Denpa Men or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, your limited uses should be for an unrestricted version of the game, so when you run out of uses, you REALLY want more, because you've played a HUGE chunk of game.

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the monster hunter 3 ultimate demo had 30 uses on my 3DS now it has only 4.....thank god i get the full game today.


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If you play through a section of a game (or an "unlimited" demo, though from my experience with Denpa Men's "unrestricted" dungeon, it gets old incredibly early) 30 times and cannot be convinced as to whether or not you want the game, chances are you don't want it.

@Bazly - The only problem with that (besides the ridiculously large file sizes you'd run into) is that you could run through the entire game on just 30 or so plays (provided your average play time is something like an hour or more), defeating the purpose of purchasing the game. Demos are meant to give you a "taste" of a game in hopes that you'll buy the entire thing, like with a free sample of a food. Getting the whole game for free would defeat the purpose of paying for it.

@6ch6ris6 - I don't think it's that much effort to install a play limit on a demo. The real work (from what I gather from what I've read about the difficulties of making demos) is cutting out the unnecessary content to limit the scope of the game to a demo. The play limit is something the developers set, and that's probably just something Nintendo activates before the demo's release after getting the number of plays from the dev.

@ErnisDy - I don't see how that's a problem. When you buy a used system, you take the risk of some features (in this case, all uses of a limited demo) not fully functioning at the cost of the lower price. If you bought a used 3DS and were disappointed that you can't play all demos to their limits, you should've bought a new 3DS instead.

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Birdman wrote:

OlympicCho wrote:

Raiko wrote:

I've rarely played a demo more than twice, so I don't think it's necessary. I know I may download a demo again in the future, if nothing else interests me, but the likeliness of playing it a total of 10 times or more seems very unlikely.

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Depending on how well I liked the game as far as the demo goes if the game isn't released yet but will be soon & I really like the game & am having trouble on a few levels in the demo I'll defently play the demo more than a few times just to get good at those levels specifially if I know I plan on buying the game.

Other times its to test to see if I like it or not but if I like the demo I'll defently try to improve my skills on the levels given in the demo depending on the level of difficulty there set at.

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ok, this is how i think nintendo should do things.

Rule1. You should be able to play the demo as many times as you want.

Rule 2. You should only be able to play the first or the first few levels

Rule 3. Also, I think the should demos take up less space because Monster hunters 3 demo takes up about 1600 blocks. (WTF Nintendo? 1600 blocks?)

ps. I think someone said something about a 'dead or alive' demo. Is that a European demo, because I live in Canada, but i have never heard of a 'dead or alive' demo

pps (or is it pss?) I hope Nintendo makes a Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon demo because i want to play it, but i wouldnt be able to afford it.

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By the way... anyone else doing this on their 3DS?


DIALGA63 wrote:

ps. I think someone said something about a 'dead or alive' demo. Is that a European demo, because I live in Canada, but i have never heard of a 'dead or alive' demo

dead or alive dimensions
i dont know. i live in germany and it was one of the first demos we got i think. still play it from time to time if i am bored. i would never buy a fighting game though^^ just not my type of game

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@DIALGA63 - Yep, the DOA:D demo was Europe only (even though that could've sold that one for me). As for your other points:
3. Unfortunately, some games simply can't be compressed enough to make certain block limits. Hopefully, Nintendo makes sure for larger games, the dev simply doesn't block content from being accessed in the demo while keeping a huge file size, but some game's engines are so large that they do need 1,000 blocks or more just to run, and you can't simply cut out parts of a game engine and expect a demo to run smoothly.
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I thought it was P.S., then P.P.S., etc. Since it means 'post script.' So you write something, then you write something after (post script), then you write something after that (post post script).

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MrSRArter wrote:

I'm personally glad with demo limits, if you like the demo that much then get the full version.

I agree. If you actually turn a demo on 30 times then you should probably just get the game.

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The demo limit system is perfect as it. If you play a demo that many times and truly enjoy just go buy the game.



Honestly the limit on demos hasn't bothered me. For one thing I have never used up the limit on demos. I usually end up deleting them before I use them up cause I get the full game. I think the most I played a demo was the Monster Hunter Ultimate demo and that was about 8 times so I could figure out what I was doing and trying the various weapons.

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I really want a demo of Code of Princess. Because it is £25 I want to know for certain I like it. Otherwise I will probably just get it the first time it goes on sale in the UK or not at all.

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I got two 3DSs so I really have a bit of confusion. My first got "Unlimited" FFThearythem uses while the second only has 30...

Also, those who say 30 uses is too much to worry about... you haven't let your little cousins touch your 3DS to find ALL the uses of ALL the demos gone... have you? I asked and my cousin just said that he "likes the fact he can reset when he got confused".

... In other words he found the Home Button... And I am out all the demos I collected...


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actually 30 uses or 20 or 10, is quite enough... unlimited is too much... of all the demos i downloaded, only the project x zone demo is the one i really played a lot (5 tries only for demo)... but then i'm not still buying it, and i don't even care if i can't anymore play the demo, i just think, i had enough of that... BUT, if you have little cousins who are playing ON your 3ds, well then... buy the game for them if they liked the demo XD...

i remember playing a demo cd game for playstation 1 when i was still young, but then i don't remember playing that much seriously... i can't remember the games from the demo (even if i can play it without limits) only the crash bandicoot, but i do remember all of my PS 1 cd games...



3 Might not be enough for Etrian Odyssey (I have not tried it yet). But if it isn't then I won't be buying it.

Dunno why they didn't do a demo for Code of Princess. I would have more than likely bought it by now if they did. (£15 or less I would have bought it but anything above that I will wait for a sale or want to try it first).

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