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I enjoy this app. My only active messager is MarioGrooseFan, my other three friends haven't been on in ages, so I don't get tons of spam. But it's still annoying this app deleted my Ambassador notifications!

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I turned Notifications off after a couple of days of constant blue flashing, after the christmas and New Year spamming from everyone it seemed to settle down nicely. I didnt decide to delete the app but what I did decide to do was to cull my friend list. Still plenty of people on it but only the active ones. I dont mind it as a messaging system, still needs work and actually folders or a better way of organising mail is a must, but thanks to Swapnote / Letterbox I have been able to organise online gametime with some of my "internet" friends.

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I'm not gonna delete it, but I haven't touched it in a month and a half. It was getting too much. And now, so much time has passed, that it will be so overwhelming to get back into it. I hope people aren't mad at me for not responding, because if I do catch up, I probably won't reply to posts that are weeks old.


o my gosh how do you get the spotpass to work

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Magi wrote:

Does anyone have a problem with getting the same messages over and over again from the same person? Both a co-worker and my son have sent me messages and since I see them often, I get StreetPass hits from them daily. Every day I also get the exact same message from them. Is there some sort of check-box they have to click when they create a message that says "send this every day forever"? What gives?

That's interesting because just yesterday, it notified me that a message was sent that was sent before and would automatically delete it. Not sure why yours is letting repeat messages through.



I'm actually enjoying Swapnote and I like anticipating the blue light notification. One thing I wish is that we can delete old notification messages. Not sure why Ninty didn't include this option. As long as you are having meaningful conversation through Swapnote, it is really fun. If you are sending some meaningless stuff (in other words just spamming) then it is an annoyance.



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