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Who else is looking forward to this when it comes to NA in 2014? I'm glad it was finally localized!

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I'm more than interested. It's hard. It's technical. It has platforming with fish! My kind of style.

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Not sure about this one. The premise and characters are interesting but the in game graphics are a turn off and the gameplay looks like it could be a bit hard for me to get into.

But it's a localization of a title that's even "cult" by Japan's standards. That alone is enough reason for me to give it a chance.

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I'm glad it's coming, I've wanted to give this series a try for a long time.

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I'm definitely interested and will pick up day one if it's 29.99 or less. Really enjoy platformers and also heard it's challenging! Win, win!




Incredibly excited for this. Glad I held off on importing the Japanese version. The DS "collection" is fantastic, and worth owning by every platforming fan.



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