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Who else is looking forward to this when it comes to NA in 2014? I'm glad it was finally localized!

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I'm more than interested. It's hard. It's technical. It has platforming with fish! My kind of style.

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Not sure about this one. The premise and characters are interesting but the in game graphics are a turn off and the gameplay looks like it could be a bit hard for me to get into.

But it's a localization of a title that's even "cult" by Japan's standards. That alone is enough reason for me to give it a chance.

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CanisWolfred wrote:

A Link for those who are interested. It sounds interesting. I've heard of this series before. Might try it out when it arrives.


Yes this does indeed sound interesting... It say's in the article on siliconera she's a traveling sushi chef? Cool & odd lol. I've never heard of this game title until nintendolife did a few articles on it like screenshots, discription etc. Have to research it some more online see what I can dig up lol.

Has Yumi/Umihara Kawase been on previous consoles/handhelds? As in a series?

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I'm glad it's coming, I've wanted to give this series a try for a long time.

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I'm definitely interested and will pick up day one if it's 29.99 or less. Really enjoy platformers and also heard it's challenging! Win, win!




Incredibly excited for this. Glad I held off on importing the Japanese version. The DS "collection" is fantastic, and worth owning by every platforming fan.



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