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I was about to go for Twin Bee because visually it looked more like my cup of Triforce tea, but somehow i got this random funktastic surge to take a risk and go for the diabolicly 'and oh so bad' Urban Champion, which I still have yet to play. Anyways!

Twin Bee or Xevious?
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Which game ranks supreme to you guys and why?

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Twinbee wins! there are no powerups in Xevious, and Twinbee is easier and more fun. If you want a challenge go with Xevious tough.

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Twinbee wins!
Xevious is bland and boring in comparison. plus the repititive bleeps in the music starts to grate after a while.
It is the harder game though so those looking for a challenge might prefer Xevious.

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Both are fun.
I got Xevious when it was first released on the eShop and had a blast with it for hours, very challenging.

But then I downloaded Twinbee when it was released too, and it has my vote.
Feel like playing it now.


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Twin be it tis' I'll ended up getting both regardless though. What can I say i want every 3D classic that's released, although Excite Bike didn't exactly do it for me...Nintendo really should of added music in that one. It feels so empty and lifeless zipping around the tracks without any tunes.



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