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i'm actually interested with this game... seems fun and funny, just my type of game XD



I really don't know what to think of this game. Looks weird. Unless it gets an 8 or better ill stay clear of this one. Even then I'm not sure about it!

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Hmm, probably the weirdest Actionloop/Magnetica/Zuma type game out there. It's on my radar, but I'll definitely need a review for it before I spend any money on it.

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haha, if it plays like normal Zuma/Actionloop/Magnetica, i'll definitely pick it up.

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I'll probably get it because of the theme.

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I guess it might be fun to pick people up and throw them, but only if the price is right.....and has a endless mode.

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@undead_terror - I believe it's either gonna be USD$5.99 or $6.99. One of those two; check the eShop for the actual amount.

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Ha, this has been on my radar for a little while. If it gets an okay review from this site then I'll definitely be getting it. Looks stupid funny.

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How did this leave Japan?

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Perhaps because nothing much else is on the eShop radar? Hmmmmmmmm......

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People should accept a little weirdness, Katamri Damacy was even weirder and turned out great! I most likely will get this, I'm a puzzle fan and this looks hilarious.

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im colorblind. i read somewhere that i can activate symbols to distinguish the colors in tokyo crash mobs, is that true or the game is unplayable to me?



@Candymonster, are you red-green colourblind or can you not see any colours at all? I can't find an option to turn on symbols, but each person has slightly different features which distinguish the colours. They're only tiny cosmetic differences though, so I'm not sure if this game would be your thing :/

Also, I expected to enjoy the weirdness when I first bought it, but to be honest I just find it annoying. The sound effects and the weird colours and movies, they don't make sense! I'm just not feeling anything from this game it seems

plus, it's frustratingly hard

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@magikarp thanks! i cant see colors at all, so sad news for me im zuma addicted, and the marbles have different symbols so i can play that, but i really liked how TCM looks



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