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I see someone has been playing Ninja Senki
Awesome work, I'm downloading those now.

In other news, heres my Pushmos

For you, the day LordJumpMad graced your threads, was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.

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Here is one I made. Its kinda easy, though.


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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

One of the users on here's Puzzle was featured on the new Nintedno Show 3D! Sunset Palm. It was so cool to see it. Congrats to you dude.

So Nintendo DOES pay attention to message boards and fansites!

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Not gonna let this thread die just yet. I still have a bunch of things to share, like...

Challenge levels!


More Ninja Senki!


Ralph from Oracle of Ages!


And a character many of you seem to be familiar with:


Pullblox levels | Fallblox levels | Fullblox levels | Mario Maker levels
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I love this thing. Try it. I haven't posted my new levels. Perhaps I should get Resident Evil: Revelations, Call of Duty MW3, beat all of my current games, and play Pushmo in between.
EDIT: Dang, my face is all over the front page. I'm gonna take over. I'd better take a small break.

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Thanks to @Zygar for helping me on posting images! Here is my best one yet:

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Roopa132 wrote:

Some fan made a PC program to create Pushmos and it also creates the QR codes.

the right side of the screen is cut off for me... And the blocks are a bit wide... but other than that, it's good!

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I finally made more Pushmo levels! Here's the latest batch, Final Fantasy 6, Part 3: The Empire! Enjoy!

I've been takin a break from Pushmo but I will definitely be working on more levels now!

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Here аре my first Pullblox There are really simple so try to solve each of them under 50 sec.

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Fuzzy wrote:

Here's my first one. A little bit of SoM love. More to come.


Oh my god the Sprite from Secret Of Mana! I was drawing him in letterbox today hehe! Can't wait to get home and try and solve this one, I'll let you know how I get on with it!

Done! It was a nice little challenge as well as being pretty

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Some_Chords wrote:

Please try them and let me know what you think, especially the one my brother made. I don't care so much if you don't want to play mine but Please tell me what you thought of my brothers.

Tried them all, they were all fun! I particularly enjoyed the Swiches for you and the Moose one, but they were all good. My brother had a go too, he also liked Swiches for you best! I can't wait til I feel I've made one worthy of uploading myself! Good work and thanks for the puzzles!

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Here is a very simple "Level One" to introduce people to my theme - Cute Puzzles! This is the first one I made to post on here, so look forward to more
intricate designs from me!


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Hello there. I wasn't sure if I should make a new thread about this or not, so I decided to post in here first... BUT, I've decided to take on the monumental task of recreating all 649 Pokemon in brilliant Pushmo puzzles! I've gotten 25 done so far, with frequent (if not daily) updates of new puzzles. I'm creating them in almost exclusive National Dex order. I'd love to here what you guys think about them! The link is in my signature, and here's a few examples for you lazy people that dont click things



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