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All right, I played it and now I need to get a new eShop card for when this launches next week. As you can tell, I love it. It's a mix of DQIX, Pokémon and Find Mii 2 (or at least that's how it's coming across to me), so it should be simple enough for anyone to pick up but have enough meat for hardcore RPG fans to appreciate. Also, the "carry over demo save data to the full title" thing is the greatest idea ever. That alone makes it the best demo on the eShop, and it gives me incentive to grind for the next week until the full version releases. Anyway, what questions have come up here I may to able to answer...

New Denpa Men in different locations - Possibly. I could barely encounter any in my house and it was a struggle trying to beat the demo boss, but after beating him, I went out to dinner and while in the car there, there were swarms of DM to capture as opposed to the one or two. I'll check again in my house later and see if I encounter a similar swarm or if certain colors are more popular.

Oh, that's really the only question out there. Well now, I guess I'll just have to ask one of my own then. In the 3rd floor of the demo's dungeon, I can see on the map an L shaped room in the main room before you encounter the boss that has 5 treasure chests in it. Anyone know how to access it?

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My only guess about the treasure chest room is either you have to give the dwarf an item not obtainable in the demo, or you have to come back up through a different path (there's a door on the 3rd level you can't open. Maybe later in the game you can open it, and it will lead you back up to the 2nd floor on a different path, to the room).


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So I finished playing the demo. I honestly really liked it. I was just kind of expecting more though, ya know? Upon starting the demo the first thing I noticed was that the 3D effect hurt my eyes, which hasn't happened with any other 3DS game, so off the bat I was annoyed with the game. As I kept playing though I started liking it more. The enemy designs are cute and the battles got more fun as the game went on. I love how meaty of a demo this is. (Way less blocks than the KH demo but longer.)
Not sure if I'm sold yet. I like it, but...I need to play some more.


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Has anyone been to the shop yet? There are what appears to be green rupees behind the counter, as well as three clear bottles with red, green, and blue liquids in each one.

Seeing as how Genius Sonority is a second party dev (like Retro, or Monolith Soft), I doubt the resemblance is coincidence


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went to the shop as soon as it opened. left as soon as I realized I didnt have enough gold for anything.


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@Morphtroid I restarted the demo and the main character had revive both times.

What does Antenna Root skill do? All 4 Denpa Men in my party have skills Revive, Tiny Heal, Haste and the only skill that doesn't seem to be usable Antenna Root or maybe it's a Passive skill but what does it do?

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Oh wow that team sounds useful.

My only healing denpa is the first one and one doesn't even have an ability at all. (I have other 3 denpas:1 has a buff ability and the other two cast ice and wind magic) (The wind one is called "Lennon" by the way, and that is awesome).

I don't know what Antenna Root is supposed to do, but I think you can check it yourself by visiting the equip menu and checking it.

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undead_terror wrote:

I almost got a rare one (white ones are rare), but it got away

White ones are rare? I have 3 of them in my party (out of 6 total Denpa Men in my party).


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@undead_terror and @RR529: White ones aren't rare. Certain denpa men show up that are "shiny", and they kind of sparkle on the search screen thing. The first one I found was white as well, but it was just a coincidence. I'm pretty sure rare ones can come in all colours, they just kind of shine or sparkle while you're in the search mode.

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The demo Sold me with Pikmin/ Wonderful 101 concept with dragon quest battles, and awesome dungeon crawling. The charcters get a little awkward with the game type, though.

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I'm so glad there was a demo; this game just isn't for me. I do like the effort that went into it, though, it's absolutely adorable and anyone who likes monster-catching and dungeon-crawling will probably get a kick out of it. :3

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Initially I wasn't going for this one (unfortunately I lack patience for turn-based battle systems), but after playing through the demo, I might pick this up. It starts off slow (which is great for JRPG newbies like me), the map showing monster locations is a nice touch, as is the leveling up of the other DM back at the house, I also like that the demo data could be carried over to the full version.

@HeroOfCybertron The red DM I had with an Antenna Root later acquired the Forest Fire skill, so my guess is depending on the colour of your DM (and therefore element), it learns an element skill as it levels up.



This game looks very interesting. I wish I could give the demo a go now.

I wonder if we will get it in Europe. When was the release date announced for this in America? Just trying to figure out the time between announcement and release.

Do you think it will be a success outside Japan?

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@Dizzard - We got the announcement and the demo yesterday. If you're wondering if you can predict Nintendo's downloadable schedule, good luck. They may announce a title's release date several months in advance (like with Pokémon Dream Radar) or we may just learn we're getting a game with the Nintendo Download press release. It all depends on Nintendo's mood, apparently...

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This was kinda boing and pointless. The AR catching thing is unnecessary and not much fun, and the battles... were mindless. The game ha a definite charm, but without that there isn't much there.

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