Topic: Tetris Axis is only $9.99 on the eShop

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Unless you really want to have the physical copy, there's no reason to not transfer over!


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Buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, people! I just bought it and did the save transfer — will just keep my cartridge as a collectible, since I collect Tetris games.

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Seriously? I really need to get some more money ASAP...



I like to collect Tetris games, too. This is a great price so I'll make sure to get it.

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What's the block size to download?

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10$????? I'm actually surprised by this price. Nintendo actually adjusted there price?!?! It's going on my wish list for now till I get another eshop card!

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Thats a good deal
I got my retail copy for $15 bucks new, at Big Lots, they sell 3DS games for some reason.

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Is this the real price? I mean this isn't a sale price?

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It's not a sale price.

I have the cart, but now I'll just sell it on amazon or something and download the $10 one. Perfect game to have installed on the 3DS itself.

If they didn't have that save data transfer app, I wouldn't do it though.

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Tetris Axis never looked so great to me, after the awesome Tetris GB (which I have) and Tetris DS (which I no longer have ) so meh. It's good that it's only $10 though. I'd buy Tetris DS if retail DS games ever comes to the Eshop.



Tetris DS is overhyped. I like it, but it has flaws like the infinite rotation in single player modes. The modes are a mixed bag too (though push is awesome). Tetris Axis is better in both modes and gameplay. It has the timed modes that Tetris DS lacks, as well as the awesome fever mode. It also lacks infinite rotation.



It is a great game! I have the cart version

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I bought it for this price about 6 months ago at Best Buy. I would say that it is worth it at this price. Really like Fever, Bombliss Plus and a few others.


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Bought this in cart form way back when it first came out, if you don't have it there is no reason not to get it!!!

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It's so cool that some of the retail downloads are getting a price cut. These old (for the 3DS) games definitely should have discounts like this. Oh... TETRIS FOR $10?!? Gotta get it! XD


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So this version of Tetris is quite good, I take it? (not that Tetris is a hard game to mess up)

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