Topic: Team Meat: 3DS eShop has a 2GB limit for DD.

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@heroofwaffles They have mentioned something about putting The Binding of Issac on 3DS, its all up to NoA to rate it and set up a deal. I have heard that its "out there", so it might get a Mature rating? I have a Japanese 3DS, so I don't think it'd be able to get it anyway. These kinds of games sometimes don't show up in Japan.

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I remember saying they wanted to work on something new and not meatboy related.


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Based on his quote, I can't help but wonder if he may have actually been referring to 3DS game cards. Right now, the typical 3DS card is 2GB (although some are 4GB) and he never actually says anything about the eShop, at least not in his quotes. The article seem to make the assumption that he is referring to the eShop, but I'm not sure. It would be nice to have the full interview to pull more information from.

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shingi_70 wrote:

Ok, then give us Super Meat Boy on the eShop, Team Meat. PLEASE![/quote

Not happening, Its exclusive to Mircosoft.

Oh my god, that's hilarious. For a second there I thought you actually thought SMB was exclusive to Microsoft XD



Team Meat should maybe consider sticking to the confidentiality agreements they signed, and also maybe getting their figures correct.

Personally I don't imagine there are any games that require 2GB+ and by require I mean to essentially remain the same game minus unnecessary bulky files such as FMV and audio. Chip tunes and sprite cutscenes ftw...

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According to Team Meat's Twitter, they never claimed that the eShop limit is 2 GB.

Original Quote on size restrictions: "...or if they do they are reasonable restrictions (40MB is horrible....2GB is reasonable)."

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Well, from ImDiggerDan's reaction I can jump to the conclusion that the size limit is under or above the 2GB mark. Now, let's go tell everyone that ImDiggerDan confirmed it!

Meowph, that's right!

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It would be nice if Super Meat Boy: The Game is brought to the eShopeven though that's kind of a stretch. On the Team Meat blog post it said "for iOS (and more!)" although they probably meant Android.



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