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Made this just to vent a little. I know... I should have waited for the review! But
Swords and Soldiers was one of my favorite games on the Wiiware service. Me and my bros would spend hours and hours on multiplayer, after getting through the campaign of course, and also trying our best to conquer the high scores in the minigames section. Swords and Soldiers on Wiiware. Awesomeness you can download.
So when I found out that Ronimo was releasing a PORTABLE version on the 3DS, I was pumped. So pumped in fact, that I went straight to the eshop and downloaded it without a second thought. What new features could they have added, I thought? Perhaps download play? Maybe even.... ONLINE PLAY!? Which is what a lot of people were disappointed about from the Wiiware version. More features or not, it would be fun to go through this game again, I thought.
Oh, how naive I was.
Upon launching the game, I noticed that the frame rate was horrendous. I've never seen frame rate so bad in a game I bought on a Nintendo system. Even after turning 3D off, the horrible frame rate remained. Whatever, I thought, I'll probably get used to it as I go through the campaign.
Campaign was, well, pretty much the same old thing from the Wiiware, albeit not registering my input about a quarter of the time, and with the frame rate issue, of course. The kicker, deal breaker, whatever you want to call it, was that there was no multiplayer.
Yup. This is a solo offering. The Wiiware version was made fun so that you could challenge your friends and stuff to see who was better! Many were clamouring for an online version! So in this one, it was appalling to see that it included no online, no download play.. no multiplayer whatsoever. NONE 0_0 Oh, oh my. Oh my...
So, what am I left with? A barely functional portable Swords and Soldiers... in 3D. Bad frame rate, no multiplayer, issues with registering my input on the touch screen... it's just bad. One of the biggest disappointments I've ever had.
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The 'quality over quantity' statement should have been left unsaid. There is trend of junk going on. Good thing, things like DK 3D counter that.

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Aw, I wanted this to be good, wasn't keen on getting the WiiWare version... guess I have no choice!



Sad to hear it. This game looked like a possible download for me since I never played the WiiWare version. I'll wait for some reviews and more impressions, but it's looking like I'll be taking it off my Wish List.

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I'm glad I never got it, what were they thinking? people should contact the developers and say to delete the game from the eshop, fix the frame issue, add multiplayer and for who ever bought the crappy game to get the newer better version for free.

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How can developers sleep soundly at night knowing they created such a bad product? You would think they would be aware of the awful frame rate issue.

Reminds me of Runner from Bit.Trip Saga. Even with the 3D turned off, the game still suffered from a horrific, choppy frame rate.

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that's a shame. the original was really quite good. I'd like to see them do a quality version for Vita with online play and maybe new campaign levels.

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Well, guess I can scratch this one off my list. Thanks for the heads up.

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undead_terror wrote:

I'm glad I never got it, what were they thinking? people should contact the developers and say to delete the game from the eshop, fix the frame issue, add multiplayer and for who ever bought the crappy game to get the newer better version for free.

Haven't you learnt from Publisher Dream??? I think Circle were trying to send the message that no matter how hard you try you will always receive hurtful hate mail.



Looks like this is getting an update. The developer promises "optimization with new gameplay contents[sic] as well."
Could be worth buying while on sale in preparation for the update. Of course, the game could still be terrible. Decisions...



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