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Nibelilt, you can send them to me, I haven't got anyone with it on my list.

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I've registered you now register me and send!
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@Nibelilt I added you, could you please send the New Years one my way. Thanks alot!

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I would like to get the Monster Hunter one and/or any of the Japan exclusive. Would anyone be willing to send some to me? Please and thank you!
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Hello! I was wondering if someone could send me the stationery I'm missing! I don't have any except the Valentine from Nikki and the one from Reggie. I honestly didn't know there were so many out there, but... I really want to collect all of them!
If someone can help, it'd be much appreciated!

Here's my friend code: 2921-9760-6008
My name is Ariana. :3

Let me know if you add me! Thanks in advance! <3



Okay-I'll send in a min! Check your inboxes Pengaweeno and Alan!

Edit- Jaguar, sent the Japan exclusives- let me know if still missing any :3

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Is it just me or is now a second "3DS Friend Code" thread. I know that this is specifically for acquiring as many of the free Swapnote stationaries as possible, but, if you're looking for people with certain stationaries, couldn't you just advertise that here?

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@Nibelilt i added you, ty for adding me.

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@birdman13 i see no problem with this thread, it`s just like alot of the threads requesting friend codes for certain games i.e mario kart 7 or street fighter 4.
besides, once the majority of people have the new stationery, i`m sure this thread will pretty much fade away.
thing is, the other special stationery thread got locked in favour of this one because this thread had more replies. if site staff had a problem they would have closed this too.
@3dangerous3dash you,ve been added and the messages have been sent.

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Ah, thank you so much! >w< And good luck on your race! LOL



is anyone sure that he has all of them?
If yes, please let me know.
I'm waiting in front of my pc
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Maybe You Nibelit?



Anyone with the Monster Hunter stationery, could you please send it to me? My Friend Code is: 0173-1380-6672. Thanks. If anyone needs any stationerys, just say so and i'll add you.

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