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How do you use the special stationary? I've recived the Zelda note, but can't use it to write new notes.

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@Duney have you used swap note much?
if i remember right, you need to keep sending out messages, and nikki (the swap note guide) will message you on when you will be able to use the different parts of swap note.
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@dizzy_boy From what I've read so far it seems your the "special stationery"-man Would you mind sending them to me, too? My FC is in the signature.

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@joker yes, it does seem to have end up like that.
tbh, it`s just an ideal excuse to get more 3DS friends really.
anyway, i`ll be happy to add you in and send you off all of the current stationery.
my 3DS code is below in my sig when you`re ready to add me back.

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Friends are always good. I just don't know who likes random (sometimes terrible drawings ) :x



well, i don`t know what exactly is causing the glitch on my swapnote.
every time i go to send a letter i get the "your message will be sent via spotpass when you have an internet connection" pop up message.
the connectivity switch is set on, i`ve checked all of the settings on swapnote, the 3DS internet settings, turning the settings off and on again, and all the other possabilities that i can think of.
i`ve even had to resort to deleting swapnote itself along with all the saved data in hopes it would reset itself, but still no luck, i re-downloaded swapnote and the message just pops up again every time that i send a message.
i know my internet is working because everything else is connected fine.
so i tried sending a message out to a few people on my friends list to reply with the new swapnote stationery, athough the message pops up, the notes got through because i`ve got replies back. so, thanks to those who`ve sent back the stationery that i`m missing.
the other annoying thing is that now i have to unlock everything else again. 36 notes Χ 5 coins + 15 coins to unlock the voice recorder option = 195 coins. damn you glitches.

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I have the Valentine, Reggie and Nintendog stationary. Hoping to get the others that I don't have.
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Thanks. =D



dizzy_boy wrote:

@drcrispy i{ve added you in, and i`l send you through the stationery that you need when you add me back.
my code is in the sig below

Okay I have you added. Thank you so much!



Can somebody send me New Year's (Japan), Nintendo Direct (Japan), Monster Hunter (Japan). I have Valentine's Day, Nintendo Direct (US), Legend of Zelda (Had to have bought OoT 3D), FujiTelevision (Japan) that I can send out.

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I have on question... Is the Capcom one and the Monster hunter one the same Stationery?

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I have OoT and Valentine's Day stationery could anyone send me the others? Thanks
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Would anyone please send me the SwapNote ones from outside the U.S.? The Capcom one, New Year's, FujiFilm, Nintendo Direct Japan, etc.

I've also got all the U.S.A. SwapNote Spotpass ones sent out including NintenDogs, Zelda, Reggie's Nintendo Direct, and Valentine's Day so if you want to exchange them I would greatly appreciate it!

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Anybody willing to help me get the special stationary. I only have the legend of zelda special stationary so I don't have much to offer help is much appreciated.

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Ok I've added you dizzy_boy thanks



both the monster hunter 2 and europen nintendo direct statonery have been sent out to everybody on my friends list.
please keep sending them on, it would be much appreciated.
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Can someone send me both the Monster Hunter's and the Nintendo Direct Europe, please?


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