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OK, now you can see my crappy artwork.
Some sort of hydro cobra thingy, I guess. Also, it looks like it was done on pen/pencil, but it was actually digital. I kinda over-shaded it and made it look a little sloppy on purpose. Y'know, for... uh... affect I think?
So, yeah. Feel free to use this, I guess. if you're crazy enough to

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@LightOcotpus lol for some reason I though it was one my drawings, just because it was grey and I didn't think anyone else would put up anything. Yeah I know what you mean. I used to do some crayon style shadings. That looks like something I would see in Earthbound.

@Squigglebutt WHY DOES THE HEAD LOOK SO FAMILIAR... I mean the monster face... EXPLAIN OL CHAP. Quack. Hmm indeed. I need to grind with these guys to get enough FANCY FEATHERS to Alchemize a robe.

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sorry for this question but what actually is swapnote rpg ? Is it a new game ? or mode ?
I only know the software swapnote and havent seen any rpg button or elements in it ?!
Or am i just not getting the idea of this whole thread ? I'm confused ....

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Go to search on nintendolife and search swapnote RPG.

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