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I can hardly get any pieces, in fact, I got the "First Mii Encounter In A While" accomplishment... yay. :/ I've only gotten one pink piece so far.

Perhaps by meaning you can only get them through StreetPass, if you StreetPass someone, you have a chance of recording a piece wether they have it or not. This would explain the glitch mentioned before, and also be muuuuuuuch better than searching for people who got the new piece by luck.

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Wow, I was thinking this too, a long time ago, but my brain started hurting. It's strange how someone else noticed it too.

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I started with one, but as I was reading it, they did say spotpass, so when the feel like it we get more but who knows when or how many get them or where.

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Raptor78 wrote:

I have out of the new puzzles,
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (24 piece puzzle)
Star Fox 64 3D (24 piece puzzle)
Super Mario 3D Land (40 piece puzzle)
Donkey Kong Country Returns (24 piece puzzle)

There are three more, MK7 (40pcs), Rhythm Fever (24pcs), and Pilot Wings (24pcs).
I was just debating whether to get a SM3L pink piece or a MK7 pink one from someone I streetpassed earlier, as I have neither panel, and have settled with the MK7 after reading your post (seeing that maybe SM3L is more common, as you already have)

And @bossmonk, indeed, some people are lucky to start off with a pink piece, and they're the ones who need to share the joy

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I wish that there was some way to share the joy on-line, like if you played someone Tetris or Street Fighter or Mario Kart on-line that you would also do an on-line Street Pass. Man that would be awesome if that would be in the next update!?!?!?!? I'm not speaking from knowledge, just wishing.

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