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It was nice that the developers caved in to the Fluffy Clan and gave them an in-game crewmember.

Like Noonch said, I wonder how much money N made from Sub Wars.

Without Fluffy keeping the game alive, I doubt there would have been a 4.1. Fluffy deserves cash

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Indeed, Fluƒƒy deserves recognition. I bet the graphmeisters at big N have noticed that the word Fluffy has been used on SDSW Miiverse more than any other. They probably have no idea why.

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Who the heck is Fluffy?

I recently played Sub Wars and got my butt kicked by lv.99s. I have lv. 49 for the past nine months. I'm not even joking. It's too hard to level up now-a-days. I could barely keep up anything other than 5x winning streaks.

I don't even get to see Momo or Ironfang play anymore...

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@Obito_Sigma Haha Fluƒƒy is the oldest, most mysterious and successful Sub Wars clan. It is getting hard out there since everyone has had a year to practice. It's slowly dying. I only play a few matches per week. There's always a game in Worldwide Random though.

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