Topic: So who else is in the 300 & up Club?

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The 3ds doesn't have that many downloadable games. Period

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faint wrote:

The 3ds doesn't have that many downloadable games. Period

Gotta love sarcasm.



How would you even have time to play them all? 0_o
I only have (relatively) few games, and I don't always have time to play all of them... I can't even imagine...

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I thought this was about Club Nintendo coins... or something.

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I do play some Games more than others, I honestly need some help with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate at the moment.

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That's a lot of junk to get 300+ downloads. I am picky about my games, they have to actually be fun to me.

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Robo-Knight wrote:

I do play some Games more than others, I honestly need some help with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate at the moment.

Eh, I can find the fun in alot of them.



owning 500 cart based games you can own in your hand i can see... Owning 500 digital games what you dont own is a waste of cash.



It's not a waste for me, I never have too worry about losing any of my Games. Plus most of the Games don't even have a Boxed Copy too begin with.



On my 3DS I have:
4 Card/Download titles.
52 3DS Download Titles.
19 DSiWares (plus others not currently downloaded onto the system)
31 Virtual Console games
28 Videos
40 Demos

Plus a load of apps and stuff. All in all, without folders, I would have 203 panels on my home menu. Really not sure how you can reach 300...



bezerker99 wrote:

So who else is in the 300 & up club

This dude is!

300 and up is not enough this guy here is over 9000!

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You never have to worry about losing your games, unless you lose your 3DS. In which case they're all gone at once.

I've never counted, I probably have 50 or 60 downloaded games on my 3DS, including DSiWare and VC titles.
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@Barbiegurl777 Fail...

Anyway, who needs to own 300 games? I own a round 50-100 download titles and I can barely find the time between working and doing chores around the house to play my favourite games.

You also talk about getting back on your feet financially, maybe you should try looking at your video game purchasing and save a little money.

I'm not trying to be mean or anything along those lines but dude... fix your addiction. D:

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I don't have anywhere near that much between my Wii, Wii U, DS, 3DS, PS2, PS3, and PSP, including classic and retro downloads. I guess I'm weird in only buying games that I have some passing interest in actually playing at some point.

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Dang well I thought I had a lot with about 90!?!? 300 is just too much I probably spent around $300 for mine but for that amount I don't know where I would find the money

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