Topic: Should the eShop release WWE All Stars?

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Do you think Nintendo eShop should release WWE All Stars? I say yes. There're lots of WWE fans and they may want the game. I'd make it $17.99 and have a demo for it.

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No way. WWE games are not really that well made. A demo would be an ever bigger waste of time.

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'should'? that'd be up to the publishers. if they want to see it happen as an eShop release as well as retail, i don't see why it would be in Nintendo's interests to refuse them. idk what kind of costs go into that sort of thing, though; that might be what stops them from doing it.

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I don't know that game was sorta mindless fun on the consoles. but on the 3ds? nah.... There's so many copies of it already picking up dust, i'd say give a copy a home and call it a day.

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If it was up to me, every single 3DS game released so far would be on the eShop, and at prices that reflect the current retail cost.

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bulby1994 wrote:

If it was up to me, every single 3DS game released so far would be on the eShop, and at prices that reflect the current retail cost.

I know. Like, how many times have you looked for a 3DS game and it's not there?

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Me myself I rather have a boxed copy over a digital copy but I know some people like the other way around. Thats why they should just offer games both digital and physical give the people options. But as TBD said it could just be not worth it to the company in the end. I mean honestly how many copies of WWE All Stars 3DS sold? If a game didnt sell well physically why would a company be willing to shell out more money to sell it digitally? And honestly that game has been out for awhile so if any hardcore WWE fans didnt get it now they probably arent going to get it now even if it is offered digitally.

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