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I know it just came out a few minutes ago but later if you have downloaded Samurai Sword Destiny and played it for a little while could you leave your impressions and say what the controls for the game are it would be much appreciated.

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I have high hopes for this one. Looks similar to Muramasa so If it's anything like that I'll consider it.
I'm not downloading it though unless I see some positive opinions.
I'm guessing at 6 bucks it's gotta be real short.

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I also have interest in this game but am skeptical of it. I would too like to hear some impressions from those brave souls that take the plunge on this one!

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downloading now. i'll comment after i compete the first level.

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$5.99. 851 blocks to download. the graphics look like paper cut outs done in watercolor or colored pencils and the 3d effect is nice. the big draw in gameplay is slashing which you can do by holding down x and releasing at the right distance or by sliding the stylus across the screen which i don't recommend when combining with basic combos thru a or b. its your average hack and slash with a descent musical score. you move across the level from left to right, stopping at certain screens to clear enemies. You're constantly outnumbered even in the first level with battles of upto 6 or possibly more. You'll die. However you earncoins for combos and defeating enemies which you save even if you die so you can purchase upgrades for your weapon. there is a special move screen indicating that you'll get more then the basic combo and slash techniques later on. there's no jump button or maneuver that i can find. if the game maintains visually distinct levels and the upgrades are worthy then i'd reccommend to anyone whos a hack slash fan. only completed first level though so take with grain of salt.

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@vvaluigi: Thanks a lot for the early impressions! It sounds good but I'm gonna still wait fro some impressions after a little more play to get a gauge on the game's length and to see if it manages to not get stale super quickly. I am closer to getting it though!

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its good so far. never played muramusa. but you have an enemy kill count that winds down as you slice away and reaching zero ends the stage. you can upgrade health and other stuff with coins earned. its easy to spam the slide technique to get combos into the high double digits. you will die. i'm assuming i'll be replaying stages ALOT to earn coins for upgrades so if grinding is not your thing... perhaps this was intentional on the devs side. i like the stereotypical samurai soundtrack though and the visual style is nice which is pleasing both in 2d and 3d. o there is also a survival mode and a challenge mode that need to be unlocked.

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stage 2 is an autoscroll where you avoid boulders and deflect arrows while slicing archers so there seems to be some variety instead of just hacking and slashing.

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@vvaluigi: thank you for taking the time out from game play to post your impressions of this game. you are doing a great job of describing the different aspects of the game.

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Thanks for the impressions @vvaluigi! Very nice early impression while we wait for reviews to come up.

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anyone know when this is released in the uk

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Wow, thanks for the impressions, I honestly didn't expect to read anything about this game so early, It sounds like my kind of thing What would you rate it so far?

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i'm at the 3rd boss. i have to go back and earn more coins to upgrade enough to take him down. this is the reoccuring theme with this game. it's grinding for sure but it's your average hack and slash with some descent visuals and a not so original but still pleasing soundtrack. challenge mode pits you against 99 enemies and survival sees how many you can take down before they overcome you. the coins earned don't transfer over to story mode however which is a shame. the controls are tight but the moveset is lacking, so far i see aLOt of vacant spaces on the move list yet but combos are all with the A button. Or B if you prefer. The slide technique is useful in corralling your enemies to rack up combos and can be combined with a charge and a rolling dodge after to easily rack up high combos and avoid damage. the visuals are simple and pretty. i like the use of 3d especially on the second set of stages on the roof tops. there's no platforming. its straight moving to the right and killing all enemies. you'll also encounter stages where the screen autoscrolls you to the right and you dodge boulders, stop arrows and kill the occassional archer. then theres a boss stage. rinse and repeat. at 5.99 its a little steep for such simplicity but again I don't know how long this game is and whether or not more enemy types or level types will be introduced. as of now I'll give it a B- simpy because I'm in the mood for a hack slash game.

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I might end up getting this soonish.



all the backdrops are monochrome. just pointing that out because while it allows the characters to "pop" colorful backdrops would have provided a better visual appeal. and the difficulty ramps up by the 3rd boss but in a cheap way. so replaying stages is a must. its a game you'll spend 15 minutes tops with. whether or not you return for subsequent 15 minute sessions is up to your own tastes tho. i for one still go back to urban championship for a minute or 2 distraction every now and then. by no means is this the next "pushmo" but its definately the best thing ufo ever cobbled together and i don't regret my time with the title so far.

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@vvaluigi thanks for the early impressions. Doesn't sound like my type of game. For those who are looking for another point of view IGN posted their review. They game it a 6 but it read like a 7.

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Samurai Sword Destiny is one of the better "3D Games" available on the Nintendo eShop.Graphically it looks like a iPhone/iPad game.If graphics are an issue for you then this video game may not be for you.Controls are very simple.You use the circle pad/ cross pad to move. A or B to hack n' slash. X or Y + the circle pad to do a sprint slash.Samurai sword destiny isn't a long game but this is a downloadable title so that is to be expected.Storyline is decent and easy to follow.The game does indeed have replay value that comes in the form of survival mode and challenge mode.

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@Steampunk Yes, it looks like an iPhone/iPad title because it was released for the iOS service last December, for free. Titled Samurai sword destiny survival, I'm still unsure whether it is the same version as the eshop title, or just a demo version. I am a bit weary on this so I will wait for the NL review, plus IGN gave this game a 6 for being repetitive. Heres the iOS version.

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@Karakato_001 So this is an iphone game? I thought so considering the quality.

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