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Topic: Samurai Sword Destiny Announced for 3DS eShop

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Pomona, CA (November 21st, 2011) – UFO Interactive Games, Inc., a leading publisher of interactive entertainment, proudly unveils Samurai Sword Destiny™ for the Nintendo 3DS™ eShop. Samurai Sword Destiny™ is a side-scrolling character action game that will challenge players of all levels. Designed and developed by UFO Interactive Games internally, Samurai Sword Destiny™ puts you in control of a deadly female samurai with a single goal in mind: to find and bring her missing elder brother home. On Akane’s quest, she will encounter deadly ambushes, invade enemy castle rooftops, and square off against seemingly indomitable opponents. With the help of the dozens of upgrades available to enhance her fighting abilities, Akane just might have a fighting chance against the forces that stand in her path! Samurai Sword Destiny™ is set for release Q4 2011.



So when is the 3DSware blitz going to start. This and a few other games still are announced for this year.

Def going to wait for reviews as it looks like it should be Dsiware.

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Looks like a bad iPhone game.

I want that 3D Japanese Samurai eShop game that was announced a month or so ago.

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Game looks low budget, but I'm going to reserve judgement. UFO doesn't have a lot of cash(AFAIK) but it's nice to see them trying to make fulfilling games however they can. May be the game is fun.

Also more original eShop games is good thing, even if they don't turn out too great.

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Looks like a poor man's Muramassa; which is to say I probably won't be getting this.


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Eh, looks ok, I guess. I'd only get it if it's around $5 and gets at least a 7.

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