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Or it could be that, its a $2 game and its 3D.
Sounds like a good deal, since there a lot of other games on eShop that are not in 3D, and cost more.
Just look at it from a casual gamer point of view.

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Knux wrote:

undead_terror wrote:

Publisher: UFO Interactive

I stopped reading after that.

and no one can blame you!, but im gonna give it a try, giving ufo a chance since I never bought one of their games yet.


Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Stop with the endless runners on eShop! Bird Mania was the only one I've enjoyed. If we get another endless runner type game it better be a port of Robot Unicorn Attack! >:[

What this man just said is gold!!!!

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Well if the game sucks, if anything $2 games are the most cost effective way to get Club Nintendo points.

Edit: On Club Nintendo, this game is worth 20 coins. For $2 for 20 coins is worth that alone if you feel you need to get some for next years plat reward.

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The video reminded me of this one (free) indie game called "Ninja Rush". Hmm....

Also, remember. A broken clock is right twice a day. Maybe this will be one of those times.

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@undead-terror - Since NL is one of (or probably) the biggest press site for eShop titles, some companies give the reviewers download codes to get the game ahead of time. Reviews get out sooner, more interest is generated in the game, more sales, reviewers don't have to spend as much money on games, we gets tips/feedback from the reviewer on these forums (especially if Phil's reviewing it), etc. Everybody wins (unless the game is crappy, in which case we still win but the developer suffers).

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A review by me
I got the game, its either bad or just hard...probaubly both!
While playing the game, The visuals are nice but you will notice they took out 20% of the screen (10% on the top and bottom), this makes it smaller to see things and its hard enough already because the enemy projectiles and traps are too small as it is so your gonna have to multi-task when playing this game, your gonna have to look at you charater/look on the ground for holes or any other traps/and watch out for projectiles.The game also has cheap enemies , there's ninja's that throw shurikens at your direction no matter if your on ground or in the air, there are men in gliders (airborne enemies) that throw shurikens really quick so when one of them comes on screen your going to spend more time looking at him then any where else, theres white ninjas who pop out of no where right in your face so meaning your gonna have to swing your sword even if there are no enemies just to be on the safe side, there are blue ninjas who fly across the screen fast like a eagle swooping down to get its meal for the day so you got to time your attack, and then there are men on horses but they are pretty easy since they don't do much.The controls in the game are not bad,to move you can use either D-pad or circle pad, Y is to use your sword which is your only weapon in the game and once the enemies get hit by it they get cut and fall down?....NO their arms, legs, head gets cut off from their bodies in one strike of that sword and the blood goes every where!, the jump button is B, you can tap it for a little jump or hold down on it for a big jump that glides a tiny bit and L is to activate your gold rage in which you use your gold coins to be invincible and make more enemies appear and make everything more fast paced, but if you don't press L after collecting a bunch of coins the gold rage will activate on its own. There are 2 modes in the game, normal and advanced, there are no difference but in advanced some of the later enemies appear earlier, the songs are alright to listen to, each enemy has their own sounds which sound fine and yourself also.There are 24 achievements and the game keeps record of your total distance, score, gold coins, enemies killed.

The game is not easy to play due to the difficulty and size of things but everything else is alright, it is only recommended if you want a challenge to beat the achievements or some good ol' club nintendo coins (15 club nintendo coins), but other then that save your money!

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Doesn't sound good. Thanks for the review!

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UFO can't dissapoint! I heard a rumor that they were fan of LJN games.

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Okay, I couldn't resist downloading it. At first it felt like the enemies were designed to be as annoying as hell, but after you start to figure them out it's not too bad. Oh, and it helps if you know you can attack the projectiles, which I didn't realize at first. I think I like it even more the Bird Mania, because the graphics are nicer and it feels like there's a bit more to the controls. Maybe I'm warped, but every time I impale myself, I can't help but lol. My only major complaint is during the golden mode the jump button is often non-responsive and there seem to be these slow downs for dramatic effect that can be ridiculously slow, but you're invincible, so it's not going to kill you or anything.

BTW, Club Nintendo is actually giving out 10 coins for the registration survey for this rather than 5, so 20 coins total for $2!


There's no point of making endless runners since there's Bird Mania. All the companies that make eshop games know they can't make a better endless runner than BM3D


First review! Nintendo World Report: 7/10.

They said it plays smoothly, looks gorgeous, is addicting, and "golden mode" is awesome, but 3D doesn't add much, and it takes a bit to get used to (due to the hardcore difficulty).

For comparison, they gave Bird Mania 3D a 2.5/10.


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I've already put much more time into this game than Bird Mania, so it's definitely addicting. The gold mode is sort of mindless, but I guess it helps to have a break from the constant danger once in a while. I'm not sure I would say it plays entirely smoothly though, because it's definitely annoying when you can't jump, and I think I've even had my sword fail to slash a few times when I jumped up and was in mid-air. Also, I find it a little odd I get impaled to death when I land on the non-pointy portion of the big wooden spikes. But yeah, for $2 I'd definitely give this at least a 7, if not an 8 even. The normal mode has almost no variation to it (only thing I've noticed is the spacing of the traps/gold/enemies seems aligned slightly differently each time), so it can get kind of repetitive, but the advanced mode seems to randomize the enemies you get right from the start, so it will probably have more replay value.


I'm really enjoying this game myself, the additions to the standard runner formula caught my interest from the get-go. The swordplay is fun but very challenging, the timing requires perfection and knowledge of exactly where your sword arc will cut.

Golden Mode or whatever is actually a blast! For such an unforgiving game the thrill of being invincible is immediately rewarding. And it also puts the coin collection aspect on display, to make you earn the "Superman Mode".

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