Topic: Sales Tax? Wtf, Nintendo?

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well theres no sales tax where i am, and online i just set it to a different location than what i am living at (its a secret location) and i dont get internet tax either, no tax at all for me

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No internet sales tax where I live, at least for now. I hope it stays that way, though I do wish that they simply added on the tax when you add funds rather than taxing you when you make a purchase. This system is awkward to say the least.

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Well, I live in San Antonio, Texas and I do have to pay sales tax on my eShop purchases. I just bought The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX and I paid $6.48 after tax. I'm not really upset or surprised by this but it still is disappointing nonetheless. I was kinda hoping that there wouldn't be any sales tax. I used to have to pay sales tax on my digital purchases in the Playstation Store but a few months ago Sony did away with that(well, at least in my area they did). I hope that Nintendo can fix this too.

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I just read an older comment about California online tax. I'm not sure what it refers to because I know I don't pay tax on games I directly download where it asks that question, but there are taxes levied on the buying of the card (same as in KY which has no net sales tax.)

Here's a dodge though, go buy a 3DS Point Card for $20. Gamestop, and others have them and they do NOT collect tax. I got one last week, then turned around and got Let's Golf 3D and 3D-Xevious and neither taxed me so I saved like $1.25 or so in taxes.

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I just paid 7% sales tax in New Jersey!
For 5 plays in the badge arcade...

however the current sales tax here is only 6.875%!

so technically Nintendo owes me a couple cents!

I understand charging sales tax but come on at least charge the right percentage!



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