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For those who can't afford the eShop prices on your favorites or just want to test video games.Talk about new demos in the nintendo eShop.(both Wii.U and 3ds)

So far,I have Pokèmon Mystery Dungeons:Gates to Infinity,Heros of Ruin and The "Denpa" men:They Came by Wave demos.I'm cheap...


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Monster Hunter was meh aside from kicking those little things

Harmoknight is gonna be an "instant-buy" for me

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LordLzGlad wrote:

Monster Hunter was meh aside from kicking those little things


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Harmoknight is... cute. The difficulty spike with the bee boss was a bit much, though.

Monster Hunter demo was awful. Totally put me off of that game.

The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon demo was awful as well.

The Etrian Odyssey IV demo was a blast.

I'm really glad Nintendo is releasing demos of these games so I can know whether to avoid them or not.

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I am glad that they have demos. Its because of the demos that I bought Resident Evil Revelations, Castlevania: Mirror of Fate, and Monster Hunter Ultimate and Lego Batman 2. I can honestly say if it wasnt for those demos I would have passed those games up.

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I have some, the only one I felt enjoyable was

  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  • Sonic & All stars racing Transformed
  • RE: Revelations

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Etrian Odyssey IV - This is probably the best demo I've played on 3DS. It's fun, expansive, and you can transfer your data to the full game (if you decide to purchase the full game).

Denpa Men - Another great demo, that allows you to grind as much as you want (which gave me a huge boost when I got the full game).

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance - Big KH fan, so this was a nice way to pass the time until I bought the full game.

Resident Evil: Revelations - I never bought the full game, but I enjoyed it's demo quite a bit.

Lego Batman 2 - Not amazing, but fun to play 2 or 3 times.

Lego Lord of the Rings - Same as above.

HarmoKnight - This was actually really fun, although I didn't care for the boss.

I've played others, but this is all I care to mention right now.


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last demo i downloaded was Naruto Powerful Shippuden. it was kind of cool, but i wanted it to more of a platformer.. not just a fighting game :/



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